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Add-On Services

Heavenly Hands & Feet Treatment:  A relaxing treatment designed to address dry dull hands/feet. We start with a gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin. This light exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and prepare your hands/feet to be massaged with a nutrient rich cream that will provide superior hydration to your skin.

Hands Only 15 MIN $25 / Feet Only 15 MIN $25 / Hands & Feet 30 MIN $45

Member Pricing: Hands Only $17 / Feet Only $17 / Hands & Feet $30

Warm Oil Scalp Massage*: Deeply relax as a gentle wave of warm nourishing oil descends across the forehead and is slowly massaged into your scalp. Your head is then enveloped in a warm & steamy towel to restore moisture and vitality to your hair and scalp. This is a perfect addition to any massage or facial treatment but can be scheduled as a stand alone service.

20 MIN - $25

Member Pricing: $18

*Please note - This treatment should not be scheduled if you have plans immediately following as we do not have a shower available on site. You will be leaving with slightly oily hair.